Terms of Service

This Affiliate Program Operating Agreement (the "Agreement") is made and entered into by and between Ldate Services Limited ("UpForIt Networks " or "we" or "Company"), and you, ("you" or "Affiliate") the party submitting an application to become an UpForIt Affiliate Network affiliate. The terms and conditions contained in this Agreement apply to your participation with affiliates@upforitnetworks.com; ("Affiliate Program").

Each Affiliate Program offer (an "Offer") may be for any offering by UpForIt Networks or a third party (each such third party a "Client") and may link to a specific web site for that particular Offer ("Program Web Site").

Furthermore, each Offer may have additional terms and conditions on pages within the Affiliate Program and are incorporated as part of this Agreement. By submitting an application or participating in an Offer, you expressly consent to all the terms and conditions of this Agreement.

FOR INDIVIDUAL PERSON:In order to enroll and participate as an affiliate, you must be over eighteen (18) years of age and/or over the age of majority if residing and/or conducting business in states, provinces or countries where the age of majority is greater than eighteen (18) years of age.


Lead: Confirmed registration

Sale: Subscription/Membership

Referrals: Leads

Leads and sales stats is available for all programs. Please note that commission payouts apply only to actions that are relevant for the affiliate program you are subscribed to. Exact rates can be found on the page of the affiliate program.

Affiliate commissions reporting is not real-time. Data is updated daily. It however will in no way prevent you from receiving the commissions in full.


All affiliate applications to the UpForIt Networks Affiliate Network are automatically approved and totaly free.


We accept traffic from following countries: United Kingdom, Brazil, Finland, Sweden, Denmark, Norway, Ireland, United States, Canada, Australia, Spain, New Zealand, South Africa, France, Belgium


Your conversion rate from confirmed registration to paid membership will determine your commission rate. The better your traffic quality is, the more you will earn per action.



You can promote the entire portfolio of UpForIt Networks sites, choosing any available affiliate program for each of the sites. The initial applications are also approved automatically.

After you subscribe for one of the programs on each site, you will be able to change it in your affiliate account any time.


Although all affiliate applications are automatically approved, we reserve the right to suspend/reject an affiliate when:

  • Our terms and conditions have been breached
  • Our PPC Guidelines and Email Policy have not been properly followed
  • Your site has been using our brand name to promote a dating site that is not part of our portfolio
  • Your site is a free-hosted site
  • Your site only contains banners and very little content
  • Your site is not relevant to our industry
  • Your site is still under construction
  • Your site is not available or is returning an error
  • Your site contains unacceptable or offensive material
  • You are operating an automatic re-direct from your site to one of our domains
  • Your website(s) takes payments from customers for the provision of services of a sexual nature
  • Your website(s) contains illegal photographic material or content


Advertising UpForIt Networks sites and services through the use of e-mail or links within e-mail is not permitted. UpForIt Networks reserves the right to suspend and/or terminate any affiliate account without further notice or pay if it is discovered that the affiliate (or someone acting on his behalf) has violated this rule. If you would like to promote any of UpForIt Networks ’s sites by e-mail please send a request to affiliates@upforitnetworks.com. Any email marketing which is not previously approved by UpForIt Networks, including spamming of any sort and violation of any of the applicable rules and regulations will result in an immediate ban from the affiliate program without pay. It is your responsibility to obtain a copy of our Email policy guidelines before you start promoting any of our campaigns via email marketing.


All commissions are subject to manual approval and rates vary depending on the program and site that you are promoting.


It is your responsibility to obtain a copy of our PPC Policy guidelines before you start promoting any of our campaigns via PPC. You may get a copy of the guidelines here or email us at: affiliates@upforitnetworks.com quoting the site you are promoting.


Commission payments are made once a month, 15 days after the last day of each month, for all approved commissions. Payment is made in case if you reach the minimum payout amount of $50 for all payment methods, except bank transfer, which is $1000.

It is your responsibility to make sure you have provided accurate payment details through the affiliate panel.

Affiliates are independent contractors and the relationship between the Company and the Affiliate is not one of employment relationship. The Affiliate is solely responsible for any taxes or social security costs due as a result of any payments received from the Company.


Affiliates are not allowed to modify the company or websites' logos in any shape or form. Should you wish to obtain a copy of a specific size/format, you can send your request by email.

Affiliates are not allowed to register any domain names which are identical to or similar to our brands and trademarks, both registered marks and unregistered marks. Affiliates are specifically prohibited from creating negative sites in order to drive traffic towards our sites e.g. www.UpForItAffiliateScam.com Any use of our trademarks, registered and unregistered is prohibited without our express permission.

Affiliates are not allowed to copy or "lift" text from any of the UpForIt Networks websites. If you would like to use some copy to promote one of our sites and have found some useful information on our sites, we ask you to re-phrase the texts. Failure to do so can result in rejection from the affiliate program.

It is prohibited to use any text ads created by affiliate himself unless the creatives have been approved by UpForIt Networks affiliate team.

It is prohibited to post any information that does not correspond to the authentic data about the services offered by any UpForIt Networks dating site and may affect the Company's reputation or be a reason for customer complaints (Еxample: ‘Limited time Offer’/’Offer Expires: today’s_date’ / ‘Free Chatroom’ / or any other paid features available for Premium members only)

It is prohibited to abuse any third party copyright or trademarks. If we become aware of any affiliate breaching this provision and are contacted by the third party whose rights have been infringed, we shall provide that third party with any and all assistance they require to pursue a claim against you.

If you have any questions or wish us to clarify any of these points, please send us an email: affiliates@upforitnetworks.com

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